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Supporting local artists to create and stage exceptional content for Queensland audiences.

About NiKNaK

NiKNaK Productions is one of Brisbane's newest independent production houses, established to fill the gap in services for small local productions.

NiKNaK productions' vision is to support local artists to create and stage exceptional content for Queensland audiences.

NiKNaK's producers have over 30 years of combined show production and event management experience, with expertise and qualifications in production, event management, teaching and psychology.

NiKNaK Productions is-


Natalie Parish

Nat's skills as a visual artist and production designer complement her years of experience in event management, community development and youth engagement.

 This makes her a perfect collaborator to work with performing artists to bring their creative ideas to life on the stage.

Nat dreams s#!* up.


Kathy Whitefield

Kath's 20 years of experience working with young creatives combined with her event management expertise and qualifications in teaching and psychology adds a point of difference to the NiK NaK creative team. Kath loves taking creative visions and ideas and turning them into practical on-stage productions that work. 

Kath reigns s#!* in.


Nicola Taylor

Nic's experiences managing high level large scale arena events and touring productions provides NikNak's strategic and organisational expertise. Combined with her extensive history in mentoring and developing young creatives, Nic takes the big picture ideas and brings them into reality on the stage.

Nic gets s#!* done. 

Let's work together.

Thanks. We'll be in contact really soon.


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