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It Takes a Lot Not To End Up Dead

An original cabaret by Lizzie Flynn & Pat Flynn

It Takes A Lot Not to End Up Dead ONLINE

Hitch a ride on this musical journey back home to redemption

An original collection of toe-tapping songs and tender ballads weaved into a honest conversation between songwriter Lizzie Flynn and her younger self, played by Matilda Award nominated Ella Macrokanis. As she heads to her country town school reunion, Lizzie revisits shared experiences of love, self-discovery, friendships and the sense of closure that going home brings. It Takes A Lot Not To End Up Dead is "a made-to-order festival sing-along" Chris Lambie-Rhythms Magazine


Ella was taught music by Lizzie as a twelve-year-old student at West End Primary School Brisbane. Ms Flynn provided the inspiration and encouragement to take an artistic career seriously, so there is a truthful connection between the two in this production. A few years on, with Ella now having performing experience in both musical theatre and acting and Lizzie having written a new album of original songs, they have come together to take you on a journey of the ‘sliding door’ moments that we face in the road trip of our lives.

Lizzie Flynn-

Ella Macrokanis-

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May 22



Banshee Bar & Art Space

May 22



Banshee Bar & Art Space

Aug 14



The Centre


Checkout this sneak peak from It Takes a Lot Not To End Up Dead

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